Friday, October 28, 2005

Pretty cool street magic by Chris Angel

Friday, October 21, 2005

They say that Miers is qualified.

To me the "qualifications"
needed for this position is a deep

understanding of the constitution,
and the future.

Janice Rogers Brown is that person.

Here is part of a speech she gave in 2000.

It is my thesis today that the sheer tenacity of the collectivist impulse —
whether you call it socialism or communism or altruism — has changed not only
the meaning of our words, but the meaning of the Constitution, and the character
of our people.

Government is the only enterprise in the world which
expands in size when its failures increase. Aaron Wildavsky gives a credible
account of this dynamic. Wildavsky notes that the Madisonian world has gone
"topsy turvy" as factions, defined as groups "activated by some common interest
adverse to the rights of other citizens or to the permanent and aggregate
interests of the community,"4 have been transformed into sectors of public
policy. "Indeed," says Wildavsky, "government now pays citizens to organize,
lawyers to sue, and politicians to run for office. Soon enough, if current
trends continue, government will become self-contained, generating (apparently
spontaneously) the forces to which it responds."5 That explains how, but not
why. And certainly not why we are so comfortable with that result.

This is what I believe,
This goes to the core of everything
that is wrong in this country.

Please read the whole speech.

click below

"A Whiter Shade of Pale": Sense and Nonsense —
The Pursuit of Perfection in Law and Politics

Speech of Janice Rogers Brown,
Associate Justice, California Supreme Court

The Federalist Society
University of Chicago Law School
April 20, 2000, Thursday
12:15 p.m.

Friday, October 14, 2005

On this day...
530 [Discorus] ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1066 Battle of Hastings, in which William the Conqueror wins England
1586 Mary Queen of Scots goes on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth
1774 1st Continental Congress is 1st to declare colonial rights (Phila)
1806 Battle of Auerstadt-French beat Prussians
1834 1st black to obtain a US patent, Henry Blair, for a corn planter
1843 British arrest Irish nationalist Daniel O'Connell for conspiracy
1862 Baseballer James Creighton ruptures bladder hitting HR, dies 10/18
1867 15th & last Tokugawa Shogun resigns in Japan
1884 George Eastman patents paper-strip photographic film
1905 NY Giants beats Phila A's, 4 games to 1 in 2nd World Series, Giant's Christy Mathewson's 3rd straight world series shutout
1906 All Chicago World Series, 1st AL victory, White Sox win 4 games to 2 (World Series #3)
1908 Cubs beat Tigers 4 games to 1 in 1st 5th World Series rematch
1912 Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt shot while campaigning in Milwaukee
1920 Part of Petsamo province ceded by Soviet Union to Finland
1922 1st automated telephones-Pennsylvania exchange in NYC
1929 Phila A's beat Chicago Cubs, 4 games to 1 in 26th World Series
1929 Philadelphia A's set world series record of 10 runs in an inning (World Series #26)
1933 Nazi Germany announces withdrawal from League of Nations
1934 "Lux Radio Theatre" premieres
1939 BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) formed
1944 German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel commits suicide rather than face trial for his part in an attempt to overthrow Hitler
1945 Chicago Cardinals end a record 29-game losing streak, beat Bears
1947 Chuck Yeager in Bell XS-1 makes 1st supersonic flight (Mach 1.015)
1949 14 US Communist Party leaders convicted of sedition
1950 Rev Sun Young Moon liberated from Hung Nam prison
1951 Det Lion Jack Christiansen returns 2 punts for touchdowns vs LA Rams
1953 Ike promises to fire as Red any federal worker taking 5th amendment
1958 Malagasy Republic becomes autonomous republic in French Community
1960 Peace Corps 1st suggested by JFK
1962 Houston Oiler George Blanda throws for 6 TD passes vs NY Titans 56-17
1962 Neil Anderson was born!
1964 Martin Luther King Jr wins Nobel Peace Prize
1965 Joe Engle in X-15 reaches 80 km
1965 Sandy Koufax hurls his 2nd shutout of world series beating Twins 2-0 (World Series #62)
1968 1st live telecast from a manned US spacecraft (Apollo 7)
1968 Gruener & Watson (US) set scuba depth record (133 m) in Bahamas
1968 J.R. Hines of US runs 100 m in world record 9.95 sec
1969 Race riots in Springfield Mass
1970 Cleve Cavaliers lose to Buffalo Braves in their 1st game 107-92
1971 2 killed in Memphis racial disturbances
1975 Pres Ford escapes injury when his limousine is struck broadside
1976 Chris Chambliss' 9th inning lead off homer gives Yanks pennant #30
1976 Soyuz 23 carries 2 to Salyut 6, but returns without docking
1977 Linda Ronstadt sings the national anthem at the 74th World Series
1978 1st TV movie from a TV series-"Rescue from Gilligan's Island"
1978 Despite Denis Potvin hat trick in 3:21 Islanders lose 7-10, making Islander record when scoring a hat trick-22-2-1
1979 Flyers start 35 game unbeaten streak beating Toronto 4-3
1979 NHL's greatest scorer Wayne Gretsky scores his 1st NHL goal
1980 Bob Marley's last concert
1980 Pres nominee Ronald Reagan promises to name a woman to Supreme Court
1982 6,000 Unification church couples wed in Korea
1982 Islanders assessed 108 penalty minutes Penguins 125 (233 total)
1982 NY Islanders greatest shutout margin (9-0) vs Pittsburgh Penguins
1983 US Marine peacekeeper Sgt Allen Soifert killed by sniper in Beirut
1984 Detroit Tigers beat SD Padres, 4 games to 1 in 81st World Series
1985 On Mon Night football, Jets retire Joe Namath's #12, beat Miami 23-7
1986 Concentration camp survivor Elie Wiesel wins Nobel Peace Prize
1986 The IOC decides to stagger the Winter & Summer Olympic schedule
1986 Tim Kides of West NY, NJ performs 25,000 leg raises in 11:57:15
1987 In Midland, Tx 1«-year-old Jessica McClure falls 22' (7m) down a well
1988 Mike Tyson countersues Robin Givens for divorce and annulment
1988 NJ Devils raise their 1st pennant (Patrick Div Playoff Champs)
1989 Texas A&I, Johnny Bailey sets NCAA season rush record at 6,085 yards
1990 Jeff Goldblum & wife Geena Davis file for divorce
1990 SF 49er Joe Montana passes for 6 touchdowns vs Atlanta (45-35)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

President Bush said "trust me." regarding Hariet Miers.

This is what Ronald Reagan had to say:

"Trust me" government asks that we concentrate our hopes and dreams on one man;
that we trust him to do what's best for us. My view of government places trust
not in one person or one party, but in those values that transcend persons and
parties. The trust is where it belongs--in the people. The responsibility to
live up to that trust is where it belongs, in their elected leaders. That kind
of relationship, between the people and their elected leaders, is a special kind
of compact.

1979 acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for president.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

James Carville said Thursday night.

"Democrats need to cut the “Kumbayah crap” from their rhetoric,"

“If you’re not competent in campaigns, you don’t have a chance to be competent in government,” he said.

“Sometimes the problem with being a Democrat is being a Democrat,”