Friday, April 30, 2004

Sometimes a sexually-loaded image is just a sexually-loaded image

Jetsam cove

America is - without a doubt - the most bizarrre culture this planet has ever produced, and here's the proof.
If this pack has legs, they have to end somewhere, and where exactly would that be? If one tears off the carton in search of the Old Gold Derriere, you have an armless headless creature who consists entirely of a torso and two legs - not a deal-breaker for many men, but still disconcerting. And those boots! How many desperate loners sat in front of their TV in the 50s, stoking themselves into an onanistic frenzy, waiting for this very commercial?

Even more peculiar: the man is placing a vaginal symbol over the phallic smokes, a symbol of kingship held by a man over the female representation of tubular satisfaction -

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Let this be a warning: when the culture represses sexuality, it comes flooding out the seams in the most unnatural manifestations.

Although I have to say: this cigarette pack has got it goin' on.

The Year in Review

There were 190 acts of international terrorism in 2003, a slight decrease from the 198 attacks that occurred in 2002, and a drop of 45 percent from the level in 2001 of 346 attacks. The figure in 2003 represents the lowest annual total of international terrorist attacks since 1969.

A total of 307 persons were killed in the attacks of 2003, far fewer than the 725 killed during 2002. A total of 1,593 persons were wounded in the attacks that occurred in 2003, down from 2,013 persons wounded the year before.

In 2003, the highest number of attacks (70) and the highest casualty count (159 persons dead and 951 wounded) occurred in Asia.

There were 82 anti-US attacks in 2003, which is up slightly from the 77 attacks the previous year, and represents a 62-percent decrease from the 219 attacks recorded in 2001.

Thirty-five American citizens died in 15 international terrorist attacks in 2003:

I guess Bush's war on Terrorism is working!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The New Laurel & Hardy

The New Laurel & Hardy

Saturday, April 24, 2004



Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman never sought in life the celebrity that his death as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan has inspired.
He never thought of himself as special. And that made him even more so. ...

Tillman felt strongly about the flag, about how lucky he was to be part of this country, and how others before him had fought to preserve America. ...

And today, as so many of his admiring fans in the Valley, throughout Arizona and across the nation are devastated by the news of his death in combat, Pat Tillman would want us to remember that his sacrifice is no different than those made by other soldiers, from Arizona and elsewhere, who decided to fight for the cause of their country and are paying enormous personal costs. Even sacrificing their lives. And whose names we barely know, if at all.

On July 12, 2002, Peggy Noonan wrote this on Tillman's decision to serve:

But it was clear to those who knew Mr. Tillman that after September 11 something changed. The attack on America had prompted a rethinking. Len Pasquarelli of ESPN reported last May that the "free-spirited but consummately disciplined" starting strong safety told friends and relatives that, in Mr. Pasquarelli's words, "his conscience would not allow him to tackle opposition fullbacks where there is still a bigger enemy that needs to be stopped in its tracks." Mr. Tillman's agent and friend Frank Bauer: "This is something he feels he has to do. For him, it's a mindset, a duty."

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


The Harbin Ice festival.
For more than 6 months each year it is below freezing!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Lord is risen indeed…
Luke 24:34

I send greetings to Christians around the world as they gather to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus' life and teachings continue to speak to every generation, and Christians believe his miraculous Resurrection provides hope for the future and offers us the promise of new life.

Through His ministry and sacrifice, Jesus demonstrated God's unconditional love for us. He taught us the importance of helping others and loving our neighbors. His selfless devotion and mercy provide a remarkable example for all of us.

As families and friends gather to enjoy this Easter season, we celebrate God's gift of freedom and His love that conquers death. For those who observe Easter, our faith brings confidence that good will overcome evil and that joy is everlasting. Today, we give thanks for God's many blessings and pray for His peace in the affairs of men.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a happy Easter.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Construction of the Medicine Buddha sand mandala

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Click on the picture above to see the monks adding
grains of colored sand in meditation over the course of so many days
to make an unbelievably intricate piece of art.

They then sweep it away and pour the sand into a river to flow away!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

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